Our Development & Construction


Our services include tenant and capital improvements as well as deferred maintenance corrections.  In cases where a site is under utilized or needs to be repositioned in order to add value, we have a team of dedicated professionals skilled at both development and construction related activities.

Our team is able to quickly assess a property’s physical condition and professionally manage necessary repairs or improvements to ensure regulatory compliance and achieve maximum value on leases or dispositions.


We partner with experienced developers and trusted contractors to build sustainable and profitable centers.

Our San Tan Pavilions project consists of three buildings totaling approximately 126,535 square feet in area. The planned power center with available anchors, pads and shops located in vibrant San Tan trade area. It is adjacent to San Tan Mall with many thriving retailers including Dillard’s, Macy’s, Best Buy, Harkins Theaters, Barnes & Noble and many others.

  • Total of 33.33 Acres
  • Zoned Regional Commercial
  • Town of Gilbert

Construction Oversight

Construction Quality Review through both on-site visits and the review of essential documentation to confirm that the general contractor is building the project in accordance with the construction documents, both as to completeness and to the quality of work and materials.

Construction Budget Review on a monthly basis to assess that funds required are in line with percentages of work completed and that there are sufficient funds remaining in the budget to complete the project.

Monthly Pay Request Review consisting of the recommendation or approval of the disbursement of funds. The following is a checklist of items to be performed on a monthly basis:

  • Observe status of the project and provide written and photographic documentation
  • Review pay requests and retainage amounts
  • Obtain lien waivers
  • Assess the percentage of completion and calculate sufficiency of remaining budget
  • Assess that the percentage completed in the draw schedule is accurate
  • Recommend payment
  • Project Close Out - When construction is complete includes a final punch- list and assembly of pertinent documentation

Pre-Construction Analysis

  • Create and evaluate proposed budget, improvements, and arrangements for construction
  • Document review for completeness, appropriateness, and adequacy of the construction quality control program
  • Review of available design documents, plans and specifications to assess whether they are sufficiently complete to construct the project
  • Budget review to verify the feasibility of completing the work at the designated cost and on the timetable forecast including an analysis of the schedule of values, and construction schedule