Due Diligence



When one or multiple assets are acquired, we have the ability to underwrite each property for a potential purchaser or the owner. We offer timely evaluations of each property to understand, analyze, and stabilize the asset and are experts in the markets we work in.

In addition, our team is skilled at saving you money through areas such as tax appeals and disputes, legal assistance, and loan workouts.

Property Analyisis

For the success of a portfolio of properties, each property must be thoroughly analyzed and given its own unique strategic plan. The ultimate goal of each plan is to stabilize the asset. After a thorough inspection of the property, we are able to assess its overall condition and gauge its improvement potential.

Below are a list of areas we can help in:

  • Broker Opinion of Value
  • Hold, Reposition, or Sell Strategies
  • Disposition
  • Tax Appeal
  • Equity Investment
  • Lien Identification
  • Investigate Entitlement and Variance Expiration Dates
  • Discovery of Mandatory Work Completion Agreements
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Work

Portfolio Strategy

In every portfolio, there are pertinent decisions that need to be made according to specific timelines and financial return requirements. Questions must be answered such as:

  • Which properties do you hold?
  • Which properties do you sell?
  • Which one’s should I reinvest in?
  • What are my carrying costs?
  • What is my expected appreciation rate of the property?

In every situation, we provide the investor answers by performing complete and thorough due diligence in areas such as:

  • Best Use Analysis
  • Current Market Valuations
  • Tax Analysis
  • ROI Projections

Loan Assistance

Need to refinance or get the first loan on a property your buying? We can help. We have over 25 years of experience in lending and relationships with banks and private lenders throughout the country. We work with the lender to provide the documentatation and analytics they need to get you approved and expedite funding.

  • Refincing
  • New Loan Placement
  • Restrucure Debt
  • Underwriting Experience
  • Lender Reserve Reimbursements

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